Science Museum Fun!

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We had a great time today at the Science Museum. It was very funny to see the children’s reactions when they were watching the ‘Feel the Force’ show! Thank you so much for allowing me to take your children out for the day. Behaviour from every single one of them was fabulous!

Amazing Angles

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In our Maths lesson on Friday, we were looking at angles which were either more or less than a right angle. Some of the children found this quite tricky. They could notice the different angles around them but found it hard to draw angles in their books. The children learned that an acute angle is one that is smaller than a right angle and an obtuse angle is greater than a right angle (though less than two right angles put together – a straight line). If you have any spare time at home, can you draw an angle for your child and ask them to identify whether it is acute or obtuse? To learn the difference between the two, we were joking that the smaller angle – the acute angle – was a small, little cute one! Not very mathematical, I know, but it helped us to remember!

Thanks for you continued support,

Mrs Boldero x

News Reporters

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Your child might have already told you that Moon Man crash landed into a classroom yesterday! What a disaster! We took on the roles of the fire brigade, members of the army, press, the public and some ice-cream sellers (they were just there to make some money!).

Today we are starting to prepare our scripts to be news reporters. We watched a clip on Newsround to help us know what our writing needed to sound like.

I’ve attached the link to Newsround as the children were really engaged by this. It would be great for extra homework!

Mrs Boldero x

Another Amazing Homework Example

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This is Preyansh’s excellent homework example. His diagram has really helped me to understand the different stages of the moon. Well done!


Amazing Homework Example

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I just wanted to show you Kabir’s excellent homework for this week (don’t worry – it’s not due until Wednesday!). His poster shares some facts about the moon and his presentation is clear and colourful. Well done, Kabir!

Shadow Puppets

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A MASSIVE well done for all the amazing shadow puppets that Chestnut made for their homework last week! This afternoon, we spent some time using the torches to create shadows to tell stories and put on plays.

The children learned that a shadow is formed when an object blocks the light and there was no need to draw a design on the shadow puppet. You can’t see it on the shadow!

Here are some photos of us learning:

img_1466 img_1467 img_1468 img_1469

Learning to Recognise Right Angles

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As part of our Geometry learning, we have started to understand that angles are a measure of turn but they are drawn on paper as straight lines. We now know that a pair of perpendicular lines form a right angle. It doesn’t matter what way the lines are facing.

To show our understanding, each team took some photos of right angles in the classroom. We then use the app ‘Pic Collage’ to present them. Here are our pictures.

mrs-b team-1 team-2 team-3 team-4 team-5 team-6 team-7

Choral Poetry Competition

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As you will already know after seeing your child’s certificate and reading a past blog post, Chestnut Class won the Y3 Choral Poetry competition. This means that next Thursday we will be performing in front of the entire school. Exciting! Because we learned our poem quite a while ago, I have attached a copy for children to have a practise if they think they need to. I’ve attached it as a link from the poetry website we used in class.

Mrs Boldero x

Choral Poetry

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In assembly next week, the whole school is going to attempt to perform a poem altogether without the words! Yikes! Fortunately, Miss Roughly (she’s the Y5 Team Leader and is in charge of Reading across the school) gave Y3 fairly easy lines to remember.

Our first lines to remember are:

This is the spider, huge and fat, who wove its web and sat and sat


Then we have to repeat this line three times at different points in the poem:

except the spider, huge and fat, who wove its web and sat and sat

If you have any spare time over your busy weekend, try to remember the lines!

Mrs Boldero x

Our Balloon Release video

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This link will take you to the video that Mr Hughes took of our amazing Balloon Release.